Florida Association of Private Investigators

FAPI is the Florida Association of Private Investigators. They are a national organization that helps private investigators in Florida voice their opinions. Unfortunately, when FAPI first came to us, they didn’t have a website that voiced their beliefs as an organization. The webpages were difficult to navigate, and they were not user friendly. Additionally, the page did not displayed them as a national organization.

The main challenge that we faced with FAPI was that – like many other organizations – they had their own system running in the back end to manage their members. We needed to merge our web system along side with their online platform.

We were able to weave our website solution into their membership solution so they could work side by side. The site can now be navigated with ease, and it voices their image as an organization. Their website was completed a week after receiving their assignment. You can learn more about FAPI by visiting their website here.