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Every Agency needs professional report templates. Our Investigator’s Bundle has all the templates you need to get started.

Our templates increase customer loyalty, build credibility, and make your investigative agency look good.

Are reports with good layouts important?

Having a professional image across all areas of your agency is crucial to running a successful private investigation agency. A business with matching from letter heads, investigation reports, and invoices will help the client feel better about buyer’s remorse and makes your company feel more valuable.

I’m not going to spend much time describing what the perfect investigative report looks like, Scott Harrell wrote a phenomenal piece in 2011 that remains true, today.

An investigative report is written to provide your clients with a detail analysis on the findings of the investigation. The report is the most important product that a private investigator produces during the course of their investigation – there are some arguments that claim that your report IS your product. It comes to no surprise that clients do judge agencies through their reports. When someone reads a detailed report, they’re able to see exactly what kind of agency they are dealing with – it won’t matter if you’re the best investigator there is, a flawed report will only lose clients, it will never gain new ones. Scott mentions that the hallmarks of a well written report contain good organization, must be concise, must offer clarity, and accuracy.

What we have done with our reports is offer our clients a laid out report that is clear, easy to read, detailed, and professional. The only thing they need to do is ensure the report is accurate to the findings of the investigation, is grammatically correct, and thorough.

The Private Investigator Report Template Layout

  • Introduction: We start off in the header section of the report with an introduction section in which we identify the Subject of the investigation, our client, the date and time of the investigation, the file number, and what type of investigation was conducted.
  • Summary: We move on to include the summary of the investigation. On here, we have summarized the entire investigation to ensure the reader gets what they’re looking for without having to read 10 pages of detailed findings.
  • Subject Information: The next section identifies the subject of our investigation. Name, height, weight, DOB, address, and contact information. We include facial shots, body shots, and identifiable shots, we included a general description about who they are.
  • Residential Information: The goal of this section is to identify exactly where the Subject lives in order to allow a future investigator to pick-up where you left off. This section also includes information about possible neighbors, conditions of the Subject’s home, and general residential observations that could be beneficial for the next investigator.
  • Vehicle Information: The next part includes a picture of the Subject’s primary vehicle. It also includes information about the vehicles that were present at the residence. The purpose of this section is to help the next investigator have an idea of who is present at the residence and if any new vehicles showed up from the last time you were there.
  • Detailed Information: In this section we break down every aspect of the investigation. We include investigative methods, investigative setups, and results of the investigation – in detail. In the summary, the client doesn’t care if the Subject was wearing a blue shirt. In the detailed section, you must include what the subject was wearing to later identify him by his clothing.
  • Closing Remarks and Recommendations: This section of the report includes recommendations on what you suggest should happen next. Do you believe additional surveillance is necessary? Why? What would you do differently? What did you find out during the investigation that can assist a future investigator?

Our report comes unlocked and allows you to lock the report and turn it into a PDF File. You’re able to “finalize” a report to prevent future changes – which do happen – once the report is received by the client.

We are always able to customize the colors and layouts of the report that you purchase, make sure you contact us if you need customization to any of our templates.

What Our Customers are Saying

The surveillance report template is phenomenal. It was one of the cleanest report formats I have seen, my attorney clients loved how easily it presented the information. Amazing Job!

Michael Morelli
Michael MorelliTulsa Private Investigator

This is outstanding work. The templates have just solved one of the industries biggest problems of consistent work products.

Steven Peterson
Steven PetersonLoveland Private Investigator

The templates are great. I sent out a surveillance assignment to a private investigator out of Austin and said that he has never seen anything put together like my report, definitely worth the buy.

Kelly Womack
Kelly WomackLongview Private Investigator